The Cost of Operating Your Refrigerator

Steve Sheinkopf  |  June 16, 2011  |  3 Min. Read


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First, congratulations to The Bruins. What a great ride. 3 game 7 wins. Wow.

The most improved appliance category from an energy efficiency perspective besides laundry is refrigeration. Efficiency improved  for the country when California elevated the standards in the 1980's.

Let's look at various types of refrigeration over the years. The price of electricity in Boston is 19 cents per Kilowatt hour. 

Look at this and you will see that spare refrigerator in the basement very differently.

25 Cubic Foot Bottom Freezer: Bosch B26FT70SNS

B26FT70SNS refrigerator
Year Kw Used Cost (at .19 kWh)
1970 2334 $443
1980 1754 $333
1990 1065 $202
2001 645 $123
2011 474 $90

25 Cubic Foot Side by Side: Frigidaire FRS6HF55KS

FRS6HF55KS refrigerator
Year Kw Used Cost (at .19 kWh)
1970 2630 $500
1980 1977 $376
1990 1252 $238
2001 786 $149
2011 499 $95

18 Cubic Foot Top Mount: Frigidaire NFTR18X4LS (at $399, this is cheaper than it was in 1970)

NFTR18X4LS refrigerator
Year Kw Used Cost (at .19 kWh)
1970 1709 $325
1980 1285 $244
1990 857 $163
2001 537 $102
2011 345 $66

Price before 2001 was substantial in terms of energy usage and expense.

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