GE vs Frigidaire

Steve Sheinkopf  |  January 11, 2010  |  3 Min. Read

Frigidaire  |  Gas Cooking  |  GE

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I have to respect Electrolux. They bought Frigidaire in 1993, and promptly shuttered the factories and retooled. They were the first to aggressively market stainless steel by 5 years. They have dominated the lower middle to middle commodity products.

Until now. GE has lowered their prices to compete in this segment. The best two (non Bosch) well capitalized companies are now vying for business. Ultimately You will win, but which is better...and is the GE stated strategy just marketing or actual execution.

Lets look at a couple of popular ranges:


The GE 5 burner range in stainless is $999...Nice range, but the Frigidaire has a griddle burner as well as convection for $200 less.


GE is better looking with stainless handles and accents, but it is 10% more.

Perhaps there will be more price changes next month.

Steve Sheinkopf

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