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Best Lighted Bathroom Mirror (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

Steve Sheinkopf  |  April 24, 2018  |  3 Min. Read

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  Want to light your bath but do not have room for sconces? Have the bathroom mirror be the light source. This Madeli mirror may be the solution for you, especially in a small space. 


The best-lighted mirror, the Madeli Zen, has a defogger and the right Kelvin for removing makeup or shaving. The Madeli mirror, like this one, is available in multiple sizes and variations.

In this article, you will learn the best features of this particular mirror. First, let us discuss the importance of cross illumination and how to light a bathroom.


How to Light a Bathroom

Madeli Zen Mirror

Kitchen and bathrooms are the only two rooms to be concerned with proper task lighting. In other rooms, you are frequently decreasing the light to watch TV or sleep. 

In most rooms, you can add a floor or table light to add task lighting.

However, in kitchen and bathrooms, you cannot add secondary lighting like lamps. So you have to light these rooms properly the first time. 

In the bathroom, applying makeup and shaving are two tasks requiring the right lighting. You should know two rules of proper bathroom lighting:

  1. Do not place lights behind you... It creates shadowing.
  2. Cross illuminate using sconces on either side at 65-67 inches off the ground.
  3. Yes, you can cross illuminate with recessed lighting. Just place the lights on either side of the sink. 
  4. Lighting with sconces in top of the mirror is a decent last resort option. 

Dorchester Showroom Bathroom Sconces

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However, in many bathrooms, you do not have a lot of space, so lighting the actual mirror is a good idea. Always check the specs because, like this lighted mirror, some mirrors are for task applications.

Available Sizes for the Madeli Zen Mirror

What you will like:

  1. It is 4000 Kelvin, so it is a white light: In many posts, I said 2500-3200 is optimum lighting.  However, 2500 is for soft environmental lighting. You want a whiter light to show you that last whisker or to apply makeup evenly.

Just remember, it is effective, but unflattering. You will look better in other rooms.

  1. It has a full-width defogger that operates with an independent on/off touch switch: If you take a long shower or have steam, this mirror will never fog.
  1. The edges are treated and will not darken over time.Madeli-Zen-Mirror-1

Final Words

This mirror is a bit pricey at $669. However, it is the best solution for small baths and probably not much more than two decent sconces and a mirror.

Consider it as a solution especially in smaller spaces or if you want a contemporary bath with no sconces or decorative lighting.

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