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Best Copper Kitchen Pendants (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

Steve Sheinkopf  |  June 21, 2016  |  3 Min. Read

Pendant Lighting

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Copper is a soft, malleable metal with a radiant red-orange metallic luster in its un-oxidized state and is found pure in nature. It is essential to all living organisms in order to sustain life.

Copper also has a long standing history in architecture from simple functionality to design. First used as roofing, copper has found its way into interior design and has been used for thousands of years. Copper was the first metal used by man in any quantity.

Showhome 2010 - 2

When I think of Copper, my first thought is its use on one of the most symbolic sculptures to date; The Statue of Liberty.

This example gives us prime insight into one of Copper's most well known qualities, its ability to change. Uncoated Copper has a living quality and has the ability to oxidize and patina, giving way to that well-known brilliant green color. 

However, you will not see much patina on the inside of your home, especially away from the sea. See example below.

Washington DC Residence

Copper is a staple in interior design. Using the finish in a pendant is a great way to showcase an element so rich in history and life. Let’s take a look at a few possibilities in pendants to showcase this brilliant material.

Let’s start in the kitchen and Country style design. By the way, Country style has become popular with exposed beams, farm sinks and more traditional interiors. 

Best Copper Pendants for the Kitchen

Curry and Co. 'Admiral' Pendant - $990

The Coach House

Curry and Co. Admiral Best Copper Pendant

Notice how well the copper fits in with beams and the wood block island countertop. This is one of their best sellers.

Tech Lighting 'Sky' Pendant - $255

Tech Lighting Sky copper pendant

Tech Lighting Sky Copper Pendant

Copper can also be modernized. The Tech Lighting Sky Pendant is contemporary in style, contemporary in function with integral LED and is compatible with Tech Lighting's Monorail system or can be installed in a single monopoint canopy. 

Quoizel 'Ribbon' Pendant - $207

Quoizel 'Ribbon' Pendant

Quoizel 'Ribbon' copper Pendant

Using copper finish doesn’t have to stop in the kitchen. Quoizel took it’s ever popular Ribbon pendant and has started manufacturing it in this coated copper finish.

Quoizel constructed this collection to resemble a swirling pattern that is both unique and captivating and it looks great in this finish.

Elk Lighting 'Chadwick' Series Pendant - $304

Showhome 2010 - 2

Elk Lighting Chadwick Series Copper Pendant

Copper is such a unique and bold choice, yet subtly charming and warm. Fun fact, copper was used in the original Watt’s steam engines that helped send the United States into the industrial revolution and later development of electrical power which copper proved to be the most precious metal in.

Take a look at this traditional kitchen and the industrial revolution steam punk influenced copper pendant. This pendant in its Antique Copper finish just may be what you are looking for.

Elk Lighting 'Farmhouse' Pendant - $188

Elk Lighting 'Farmhouse' copper Pendant

Elk Lighting 'Farmhouse' copper Pendant

If you are looking for something unique, why not mix styles. A copper finish fixture can be universal and can fit into almost any décor.

In the photo above, we see the beautiful clean lines of this transitional kitchen mixed with the rustic style of a farmhouse copper pendant. Elk also makes a pendant perfect for this application.

Northeast Lantern 'Onion' Lanterns - Prices and sizes varied

Light fixtures in a beach home.

The NOAA's official value for the total length of the United States shoreline is 95,471 miles. Chances are, you might live on the coast. With that said, another option is from one of my favorite manufactures and one of the master craftsmen of the Northeast: Northeast Lanterns.

These fixtures are not only hand crafted and made to order in New Hampshire, they boast a lifetime warranty. Plus, if you don’t see a fixture that’s a perfect fit, they will make a custom piece.

Northeast Lantern Onion' lanterns in raw copper

Best of all, they can have a raw copper finish which will age and patina with time. Take a look at this onion light by Northeast Lanterns (above). Originally, the onion light was used on railroads and on docks in the shipping and fishing industries. Later on, the wire cage was added for extra protection. Now, you have many options of finishes and glass styles to fit any décor. 

Final Thoughts

Copper is a great choice no matter what your style is. Copper can fit many different styles from farmhouse to contemporary and even nautical. Copper exists in many states of finish ranging from polished and raw to a heavy patina.

Its radiant glow will bring warmth to your living space and remember, in its natural un-coated state it has the potential to change with time. Copper has the ability to add elegance to any space not only when it’s illuminated but simply as a design element in and of itself.

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