Best Chandeliers for a Transitional Kitchen (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

Roger Pontes  |  January 22, 2016  |  3 Min. Read

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So, you’re looking to purchase a new chandelier for your transitional kitchen but not sure what to buy?

In this article we will share some ideas to help make your decision a bit easier. We will define what transitional lighting is and then look at a some of our favorite transitional fixtures. 

What is a Transitional Kitchen?

A transitional kitchen is a blend of traditional and contemporary style. It is very popular in New England. Transitional is a great choice for homeowners because they can have the flexibility to select more than one style.

A transitional kitchen usually consists of simple wood cabinetry, sleek handles, and natural surfaces such as marble, granite, or limestone.

It’s a way to break away from the traditional style. Think of an all white kitchen with different finishes and details; adding some playfulness to a traditional kitchen.

How to Buy

Picking out decorative lighting is like buying jewelry or clothing. Buy what you like. It is more about personal style. You will see it in your home every day so you should love it.

Chandeliers and decorative lighting do not light your space. It is the recessed and under cabinet lighting that provides the main source of light. 

Different lighting can be used above a kitchen table as well as kitchen islands. You do not necessarily need pendants. With bigger kitchens nowadays, chandeliers have become the new normal above a kitchen island or counter.  

You also do not want to overpower the space with a big fixture or something that’s too small. In order to figure out what size chandelier can work in your kitchen, you will need the dimension of your space as well as the size of your table or counter. 

Following are some options of chandeliers that can work in a transitional kitchen. Keep in mind that there are many other chandeliers to choose.

Best Transitional Chandeliers

30” Roark Modular Chandelier by Visual Comfort - $1,199

Roark Modular Chandelier by Visual Comfort

  • Designed by Ralph Lauren
  • Available in Aged Iron, Polished Nickel, and Vintage Oak finishes.
  • Offered in a round version with 5 different diameters (20”, 30”, 40”, 50” and 60”) as well as a 45” rectangular pendant.
  • Some versions can be installed inverted with the bulbs facing up or down.
  • Maximum 40 watts per socket (bulbs sold separately)


Sandy Chapman 6 Light Square Tube Chandelier by Visual Comfort - $799


Sandy Chapman 6 Light Square Tube Chandelier by Visual Comfort

  • Available only in a 24” diameter only
  • Comes in Antique Nickel, Polished Nickel, Antique Brass, and Bronze finishes
  • 6 candelabra light bulbs maximum 60 watts each


Troy Lighting F1285 Sausalito - $722

Troy Lighting F1285 Sausalito


  • Silver Gold Finish
  • 25 x 16.5 x 1 inches
  • Candelabra (4) 60 Watts


Chadbourne 4-Light Chandelier by Metropolitan Lighting - $682

Chadbourne 4-Light Chandelier by Metropolitan Lighting

  • 22.5” 4-light chandelier in a polished nickel finish with crystal accents
  • White linen shades included
  • (4) 60watt candelabra bulbs not included
  • Available in a 22.5” diameter as well as a 25” diameter with 5 lights


Hendrick 6 Light Chandelier by Hinkley Lighting - $619

Hendrick 6 Light Chandelier by Hinkley Lighting

  • This chandelier features clean sweeping lines in a brilliant chrome finish
  • Available in a 28” diameter with 6 lights and a 32” diameter with 9 lights
  • Candelabra sockets can hold up to 60 watt light bulbs
  • Optional fabric shades available for purchase


Solaris Crystal Sphere Chandelier by Crystorama - $598

Solaris Crystal Sphere Chandelier by Crystorama The cluster of light fixtures above this large kitchen counter adds a special touch and also shows that you can create unique lighting designs above any table or counters.

  • Chandelier is available in a old silver or bronze finish
  • Comes in different sizes (17”, 22”, 28”, and 40” diameter)
  • Choose different crystal grades and colors
  • Candelabra 60watt bulbs not included
  • Wrought Iron metal


Visual Comfort Darlana Lantern CHC2164AI - $437

Visual Comfort Darlana Lantern CHC2164AI


  • E.F. Chapman Darlana collection
  • 42" x 29"
  • 4 x 60 watts Candelabra
  • 5 Different finishes available


Having a transitional kitchen is blending modern innovation with a classic design. It’s a way to break away from traditional style. Having to put lighting in a transitional kitchen is fun and all about thinking creatively, blending the old with the new!

As you can see there are many options and configurations for transitional kitchen chandeliers. Like we said earlier, lighting should reflect your personal style.

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