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Robert Joyce

Robert Joyce is the Lighting Sales Manager at Yale Appliance and Lighting. Robert has been at Yale for almost 30 years. Bob has three children and is the head coach of the Men's Lacrosse Program at Archbishop Williams High. He also enjoys watching hockey and football.
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Great Ideas for Lighting Kitchens with Sloped Ceilings

by Robert Joyce

While most light fixtures are made for flat ceilings, some lights can also work on sloped ceilings.

Kitchens require the most amount of light in any space in the home, and if you’re kitchen has sloped ceilings, don’t despair - There are options out there!

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Topics: Lighting

Legrand New Wireless Products (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Robert Joyce

Legrand is really a new company.  They have set the standard for style, function and affordability. Before I show you their new wireless products, let's review some of my current favorites. For example, their motion-sensor Wave Switch is activated by simply waving your hand in front of the sensor (or walking past, as what usually happens in our showroom.)

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Topics: Legrand Adorne

We Just Installed A Legrand Electric Car Charging Station

by Robert Joyce

As I watch the parking lot from time to time I have noticed more electric cars are stopping by. We also have a salesperson who drives from New Hampshire in his Tesla (which is an awesome car). So I thought it was time for us to have our own charging station.

There is always a process to any decision. Usually I will collaborate with a person who really likes the idea and wants to champion it. I am lucky. There are 8 people who I can depend on. Then the process develops into what I call "wacky" bid time, when you ferret out the possible providers and vendors.

It's amazing, because we had bids of over $40,000 when the winner, Legrand, was easier and cheaper at $749. So we are happy to provide free charging at Yale. I will let Bob describe the installation process. I liked the unit so much that we actually sell the units if you are interested.

Today we will be discussing the Legrand car charging system, and follow the installation that we did here at Yale for our customers and employees to use at no charge while they shop.

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Topics: Legrand Adorne

Yale Appliance University - Crystal Chandeliers

by Robert Joyce

This time we are back to discuss one of our most popular lighting categories, crystal chandeliers. Bob Joyce tackles the most common questions and we have links below to more in-depth articles for your consideration.

Hi I'm Robert Joyce from Yale Appliance + Lighting in Boston, MA. I'm here today to answer our most frequently asked questions about crystal chandeliers.

Crystal chandeliers used to be just for your grandmother's house, now they come in a variety of styles from contemporary to eclectic and in many applications like foyer pieces and pendants. It also doesn't cost a fortune. You can buy a nice crystal chandelier starting at $500-$800.

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Topics: Yale Appliance University

Installing Legrand Dimmers and Switches (Before and After)

by Robert Joyce

So you've seen all the pretty wall plates, and you are wowed by the various cool switches they offer. But really how hard can it be to install them? I am a firm believer of hiring a plumber for gas, and an electrician for any electrical work in my home as my safety depends on it.

After watching the Legrand installation videos, and selling many Legrand projects to my customers, and then going home at night and looking at my ugly switches I figured I would bite the bullet and try to install them, and impress my wife with the small project.

So I gathered the correct amount of plates, outlets, and switches to do my kitchen. I started my project about 7:00 p.m. after dinner. I got out all the correct tools, flat head screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, and a pair of electricians pliers. Then I proceeded to aggravate my daughter by asking her for help.

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Topics: Switches & Dimmers, Legrand Adorne

What are the Best Lights for the Shower? (Reviews/Ratings)

by Robert Joyce

What makes a light OK to put in a shower? There are different types of lights that can be installed in a shower, or around water. There are DAMP location, and WET location fixtures. Both will have descriptions that will indicate in which application they can be installed.

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Topics: Recessed Lighting

Best Flush, Semi-Flush, Pendants and Exterior Lights Under $200

by Robert Joyce

It's pretty easy to buy cheap lighting. It just doesn't hang straight or has poor sockets and poor quality glass. It is much harder to find decent lights under $200. Below are my favorite lights under $200 by category from respected manufacturers.

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Topics: Pendant Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Semi-Flush Lighting, Flush Mount Lighting

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