A Real Review of Jenn-Air Modular Cooktops (Prices / Ratings)

Paul Gillis  |  December 28, 2017  |  3 Min. Read

Jenn-Air  |  Modular Cooktops

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Modular cooktops are the preferred way of cooking because it allows you to have different choices of burners like induction, gas, and woks.

However, the traditional appliance companies from Europe are extremely pricey. Most of the designs are dated as well. 

 Live customer kitchen with modular cooktop - Courtesy of Houzz

Needless to say, modules are not very popular. However, Jenn-Air has a new series addressing both problems.

We will look at the Jenn-Air as well as their main competition, but first, let us describe the modular cooktop. 

What is a Modular Cooktop?

A modular is a singular cooking vessel of one or two burners. They can be used as an ancillary burner in concert with the main cooktop or can be ganged together for the main cooking center in your kitchen.

Why gas and induction together? Although induction has better output, you may be more familiar with gas.  However, induction still has a much better simmer so having a combination is pretty common among chefs.

Modulars are available in 12 or 15-inch modules and can include any type of burner as well as accompanying downdrafts.

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Major Module Producers

Modules are most associated with the premium manufacturers like Gaggenau, Miele, and Wolf. Miele is 12 inches wide with Gaggenau and Wolf being the larger 15-inch size.   

Miele CS10121LP


Gaggenau has the best design because the knobs are on the front rather than the top of the cooktop surface for more cooking space. 

Gaggenau VG424210CA 


These units are incredibly functional with some cool features like a Teppanyaki, grill, steamer, and fryer. 


Jenn-Air is once again a premium appliance line. Originally known as the downdraft company. They are headquartered out of Benton Harbor, Michigan. They are Whirlpool's premium product line.

Whirlpool acquired them in 2006 and has put a large investment in their products. Jenn-Air has some of the best promotions in the luxury segment.

Their Modules:

Fab Five Modules

JGC3215GS - $899


  • 15" 2 Burner Gas
  • 15K BTU Stacked burner
  • 15K BTU Burner
  • LED Lighted Knobs
  • Brass burners
  • Flush Install option
JGC3115GS - $1,149


  • 15" Gas Wok
  • 20K BTU Stacked Burner
  • Wok Ring
  • LED Lighted Knobs
  • Brass Burner
  • Flush Install option
JIC4715GS - $1,199


  • 15" Induction flex
  • Touch Activated Controls
  • LED Lighted Interface
  • 3700 Watts
  • Flush Install
JEF3115GS - $1,899


  • 15" Chrome Infused Griddle
  • 1800 Watts
  • LED Lighted Knobs
  • Flush Install Option
  • Pairs up with any module
JIE4115GS - $1,999


  • 15" Induction Wok
  • Touch-activated Control
  • Led Light Interface
  • 3000 Watts
  • Concave Surface & Flush Install
Pan Detection JVD0303GS - $2,229


Jenn-Air's new downdraft, that you can put in between the modules, is 4 inches wide. Its tap touch controls and flush install options keep the seamless design of these units.


The gas units offer real power with 15,000 BTUs on each burner. Wolf is 12,000 and 9,000, Gaggenau is 13,600 and 6,800 with Miele being the lowest at 10,200 and 6,800.

Their wok burner is powerful at 20,000 with Wolf being slightly more powerful at 22,000 BTUs.

Jenn-Air is the only company with an induction wok. I want to see this working because induction is faster with less heat emission than a pro-gas wok.

Their griddle is infused with chromium and is by far the easiest to clean. You only have to wipe it down.


Their $2,229 downdraft is only 350 CFM. You will have an issue if you like to cook with the wok burner or even the high-powered gas burners. 

Sending 20,000 BTUs of exhaust while reversing the airflow and including an elbow is just not efficient for venting.

Downdrafts should be a last resort for any cooking anyway (download our Ventilation Buyers Guide for a full explanation).

Jenn-Air did not include grills, steamers or fryers in this series like Wolf. Their series is just about burners and griddles.

Should you buy these units? 

That all depends.

From a price standpoint, a decent 5 burner induction cooktop is $1,500 to $2,500. A pro-gas rangetop is $2,500 to $3,000, so modules will cost you $500-1,500 more than a regular gas or pro cooking surface.

However, the Jenn-Air product is interesting and updated. It will allow you to have gas, induction, and a very good griddle in the same cooktop. 

You can also add an induction module alongside a pro-gas rangetop for better simmering.

This series is very competitive especially in price and style, but do you really need modules versus conventional cooktops?

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