10 Best Minka-Aire Paddle Fans (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

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How to Use a Paddle Fan

You probably think ceiling fans are just seasonal products but they can actually be used all year round. In the summer time you can use a ceiling fan to stay cool.

Paddle fans do not change the actual temperature and operate similarly to wind chill in the winter. It changes the perceived temperature on your skin by fanning the heat away from your body. 

In the winter, by reversing the fan, you will be redistributing warm air from the ceiling throughout the room


There are many different style ceiling fans available on the market today. Standard fans are usually between 44” and 52” blade span. When picking out a ceiling fan you should really consider CFM or cubic foot per minute. CFM is the measurement of how many cubes of air the fan actually moves.

Fan pitch or blade angle is also important. The angle determines resistance to air. Greater angles of 14 to 16 degrees mean more resistance and circulation.

Why Minka-Aire?

Quite simple, Minka-Air is now the design leader in paddle fans. They have the most interesting, yet affordable fans on the market. All Minka-Aire fans listed have remote controls and lifetime warranties.

10 Best Minka-Aire Fans

10. 54” Cirque #F596-PN/TL - $524.95


The Cirque is the most distinctive fan available and is perfect for contemporary and commercial spaces

  • 6,000 CFM Airflow with a 50W Integrated Halogen Light
  • 3-Speed Full Function Wall Control System (Remote Control Sold Separately)
  • Available in Brushed Nickel and Polished Nickel Finishes
  • 54” 3 Blades and 25” 3 Blades with a 14 Degree Blade Pitch
  • Lifetime Motor Warranty

9. 52” Gauguin #F581-BG - $449.95

Stylish outside fans are in short supply. The Gauguin is great outside with its island “Tommy Bahama” like chic.

  • 4 Blades with 5,500 CFM Airflow and 1-50W Halogen Light
  • 3-Speed Full Function Wall Control System (Optional Remote Control Sold Separately)
  • Available in Oil Rubbed Bronze, Bahama Beige, and White Finishes
  • 14 Degree Blade Pitch
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Lifetime Motor Warranty

8. 62” Gilera #F733-PN - $559.95


With its post modern look, gear like motor and 62 inch size, the Gilera is great for loft and other large spaces.

  • 3 Blades with 6,417 CFM Airflow and 14 Degree Blade Pitch
  • 3-Speed Full Function Wall Control Included (Remote Control Sold Separately)
  • Available in Black/Rosewood, Silver, Brushed Steel, and White Finishes
  • Lifetime Motor Warranty

7. 52” Kewl #F833-RD - $99.95



The Kewl is a fun fan for a kitchen or contemporary space. It is the best looking $99.95 fan on the market.

  • 3 Blades with 6,304 CFM Airflow
  • 4-Speed Wall Control System (Optional Remote Control Sold Separately)
  • Available in Red, White, Silver, and Black Finishes
  • Lifetime Motor Warranty

6. 60” Aviation #F853-BN/DK - $659.95




The Aviation fan is fashioned after an antique airplane prop. It’s modern contempo style is sure to compliment any space.

  • 6,604 CFM Airflow with 3 Blades and no light option
  • 6-Speed Full Function Remote Control
  • Available in White, Rosewood, Brushed Nickel Finishes
  • DC Motor
  • Lifetime Motor Warranty

5. 52” Wing #F823-MP - $699.95



The wing is a design statement without question. At 5974 CFM, it moves a ton of air.

  • 1 Wing Blade with 5,974 CFM Airflow and no light option
  • DC Motor
  • 6-Speed Full Function Remote Control
  • Available in Mahogany, Maple, Silver, White, and Distressed Koa Finishes
  • Lifetime Motor Warranty

4. 52” Wave #F843-DK - $209.95

Beach Style Living Room by Lakeville Architects & Building Designers allee architecture + design, llc

The Wave fan draws inspiration from the ocean waves and it’s tubular forms making it perfect for a beach inspired space.  

  • 48 Degree Blade Pitch with 6,580 CFM Airflow
  • 52” 3 Blades
  • Available in Distressed Koa, White, and Silver Finishes
  • Hand Held Remote Control System (Optional Full Function Wall Control Sold Separately)
  • Lifetime Motor Warranty

3. 60” Geo-Gem #F735-LN - $999.95


The Geo-Gem fan is a truly innovative fan with LED bulbs and intriguing crystal prism design. It is sure to add beauty and coolness to your space.

  • 14 Degree Blade Pitch with 6,412 CFM Airflow
  • 60” with 4 Blades and 15W Dimmable LED light included
  • 6-Speed Full Function Remote Control System
  • Available in Silver, Liquid Nickel, White and Distressed Koa Finishes
  • DC Motor
  • Lifetime Motor Warranty

2. 52” Dyno LED #F1000-BN - $199.95


The Dyno is an upgrade from a standard fan with LED lighting and newly designed motor.

  • 12 Degree Blade Pitch with 5,065 CFM Airflow
  • Integrated LED Light (Uses 17W Dimmable LED)
  • 3-Speed Remote Control System
  • Available in Oil Rubbed Bronze, White, and Brushed Nickel Finishes
  • Lifetime Motor Warranty

1. 65” Slipstream F888-BN - $539.95





My favorite fan has to be the Slipstream with 8 blades and 65 inches, this fan is designed to tackle and deliver air in larger spaces.

  • 14 Degree Blade Pitch with 8,778 CFM Airflow
  • 65” 8 Concave Blades
  • Integrated Light Uses 1-18W CFL Non-Dimmable Bulb
  • Special Hand Held Remote Control System
  • Available in Brushed Nickel , Oil Rubbed Bronze, and White Finishes
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Available in XXL 84” Blade Span (10,000CFM)
  • Cap For Non-Light Use
  • Lifetime Motor Warranty

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