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LED Explained in an Another Way

by Steve Sheinkopf

We are changingour fixtures to more efficient bulbs. Last month, we retrofitted incandescent to color rendering fluorescent. Now we are changing the incandescent track heads to LED.

The gist of this video is simple: We will be using 196 watts of electricity instead of 840 with zero heat emission as opposed to 300 degrees in incandescent. There is also a 20 year year lamp life as opposed to the current 7 month replacement.

This video is my fault: I like improv, Bobby does not...but look at how powerful 18 watts is.

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Two Minute Training - Induction Cooking

by Steve Sheinkopf

I am beginning to like these 2 minute drills...Less thought provoking for myself.
Induction is the fastest to boil, features the best simmer and is virtually child safe.

Because induction is 90% efficient versus 60% for gas and 55% for regular electric, ventilation can be downsized due to less heat exfiltration (love that word).

Now for the visual:

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Two Minute Training...Crystal Chandeliers

by Steve Sheinkopf

Your Grandparents probably had one. Years ago, crystal was strictly formal and strictly for a formal living space. Now crystal has become much more versatile and can be placed in hallways, kitchens and even bathrooms (we used crystal in the ladies room at Yale).

Now there is all different types of crystal and much of it is informal, espcially colored crystal.

Give Bob 2 minutes to explain more fully...

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Two Minute Training: Under Cabinet Lighting

by Steve Sheinkopf

I have this new idea. Rather than reading my stream of consciousness with a few pics, we will explain each topic using YouTube videos.

In the meantime, meet Robert Joyce, Lighting Manager.

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