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Best Undercounter Beverage Centers (Prices/Reviews/Ratings)

by Paul Groux

Beverage centers are the most popular undercounter refrigerator on the market. Unlike a wine unit or traditional refrigerator, a beverage center is designed to store wine as well as soda, water and beer.

Because beverage centers are designed for various drinks the internal temperature on average can range from 35 to 65 degrees.

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Perlick vs. True Undercounter Refrigerators (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Jessica Petrino

When choosing an undercounter refrigerator, there are many configurations available ranging from wine units to beverage centers, drawers and all refrigerators.

They are also available in various sizes from 24 wide to 15 inches wide, in stainless or ready to accept custom panels.

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Undercounter units add a sense of ambiance as well as functionality to any space. They are great for large families, or households that like to entertain. There are a lot of ways to integrate them into the kitchen, bar areas or in even outdoor kitchens.

True and Perlick represent two of the top under cabinet refrigerators in the market. In many ways both companies are mirror images of each other. However, I think there are big differences.

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The Best 30 Inch Counter Depth Refrigerators (Reviews/Ratings)

by Paul Groux

Appliances are designed to fit cabinets, so most refrigerators match standard cabinet widths. 30 and 36 inch, however, are by far the most popular dimensions.

Updated for October 2014

Yet there are far fewer choices in 30 inch and 36 inch.

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Topics: Thermador, Miele, Bosch, Sub-Zero, Counter Depth Refrigerators, Liebherr

Best Kitchen Appliance Warranties (Reviews/Ratings)

by Jessica Petrino

Warranties are crucial in the appliance industry today. Household appliances are expensive purchases for most consumers and have become more expensive to service.

Due to increases in energy efficiency standards appliances are more efficient than they used to be saving you money, however they are more prone to service.

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U-Line vs. Sub-Zero Clear Ice Makers (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by John Ramsay V

Clear ice makers spray the water through a sheet of metal so the impurities and air bubbles are drained and removed from the water resulting in higher quality clear ice. Clear ice takes longer to melt and does not change the flavor of the drink. Regular ice makers simply freeze tap water impurities, just like an ice maker in a refrigerator.

U-Line and Sub-Zero are both premier and highly popular undercounter ice makers. We will compare both and even look at the differences between clear and regular ice makers.

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Liebherr vs. SubZero Integrated Refrigerator Columns (Reviews/Ratings)

by Eddie Jacob

subzero integrated refrigerator columns IC27R installedColumns are increasingly becoming the application of choice. In custom kitchens, integrated appliances are the most desired option because they're totally out of sight. The integrated column differs from other freestanding counter-dept refrigerators, because the door does not protrude from the cabinet.

With its zero-clearance hinge, integrated columns provide a much more upscale look and design, allowing you to show off the materials, colors & design of your custom kitchen. Given the unique, integrated look, this type of application is not available with all manufacturers. Also, current energy standards for 2014, have recognized “Columns” as being the most efficient means of refrigeration. Columns are also available in an all-freezer configuration.

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True vs SubZero Undercounter Beverage Centers (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Steve Sheinkopf

True and Sub-Zero are now competitors in the undercounter beverage center niche for the first time.

True has always been commercial, while Sub-Zero is residential. Both are the highest quality.

Freestanding vs. Undercounter Refrigeration

Customers always wonder how the same size refrigerator with the same capacity can be so different in price. You can buy a basic refrigerator for $200-$400 like a Frigidaire, Summit or endless import names versus $1,100-$3,500 for a Sub-Zero, U-Line or True.

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Should You Fix Your SubZero Refrigerator?

by Steve Sheinkopf

Service will be a regular addition to the Yale Blog. In my opinion, service is the toughest part of the appliance industry. Since I started full time at Yale in 1986, appliances have statistically started to need more repairs over its useable life for many reasons.

So the purpose of this article is to help you understand what might be wrong with your product. You can choose to to fix the problem yourself, call a repair person or buy a new one without further hassle. At the very least, you will be able to deal with repair people from a stronger position.

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Topics: Service Guide, Sub-Zero

Thermador vs SubZero Integrated 36 Inch Refrigerators (Reviews/Ratings)

by Steve Sheinkopf

Sub-Zero will be reintroducing a new integrated refrigerator in September or October of this year. How will it compete against the popular Thermador French door integrated unit? Well, they are two very different companies with very different value propositions.


Sub-Zero is the second largest family owned appliance company (after Miele). Their production is in Madison and Phoenix. Their business is simply appliances.


Thermador is part of the German giant, BSH Corp. BSH is one of the top 50 industrial companies in the world. Their appliance division is almost exclusively built in the US. They operate the largest single dishwasher manufacturing facilities in North Carolina.

Their integrated refrigerators are manufactured in Turkey under the Bosch, Thermador and Gaggenau brands.

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New SubZero IC Series Integrated Refrigerators (Reviews/Ratings)

by Steve Sheinkopf

I remember the first time Sub-Zero changed their refrigerators from the 2 series to the then ultra modern 5 series. It really solidified their position in the premium category, and that was over 20 years ago. Their latest launch may be equally successful in the integrated category.

About 6 years ago, Sub-Zero launched the 7 series, their first integrated refrigerators. Integrated is completely flush with the cabinets. It is completely hidden and indistinguishable from the cabinet itself. First they introduced it in a baffling, proprietary 27 inch width and then the more popular 36 inch width.

Since then, they reintroduced their popular professional BI series with brand new features like an air cleaner and water purifying.

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