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How Do I Light the Outside of the House and Garden?

by Henriette Rieu

Editor's note: Outdoor lighting is part of an overall lighting plan. Like indoor lighting, you want to layer your lighting for the proper effect. There are many ways to accomplish this.

There are two ideas you want to consider. First is LED which will last 20 plus times longer than incandescent. It will not melt the snow, however, because it does not emit heat.

For tough New England winters, you need a solid cast brass light to stand up to the snow, wind and freezing rain.

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Best Contemporary Outdoor Lighting (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Monica Kao

When talking about contemporary outdoor lighting you have much to consider. Architecture, effect, scale, appearance both nighttime and daytime, and also quality of the product.

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How Do You Light a Craftsman Style Home?

by Henriette Rieu

So you're looking for newlights for your Craftsman home? It's hard to believe, but Craftsman was once sold out of the then, venerable Sears catalog.

Craftsman style is still quite popular. We will look at the history and attributes of a Craftsman home. We will then guide you on how to light your craftsman home with some of our favorite lighting options. 

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Cape Cod Style Lighting for the Home

by Amy Zuckerman

Ah...The Cape. It has been a summer vacation destination for Bostonians almost since the Mayflower.

It has spawned its own informal lifestyle and lighting emulated in beachfront communities everywhere.

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5 Best Landscape Lighting Applications for Your Home

by Felisberto Silva

The exterior of the home is usually neglected in Lighting Design. You have your garage light but there’s so much more than that.

Properly lighting the outside of your home is just as crucial as lighting the inside of your home. Walking around your house in the dark can be tricky and dangerous.

Landscaping also adds an element of depth and beauty to your home. Here are a few simple ideas to incorporate into your landscape plan.

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5 Tips for Getting Started with Outdoor Lighting (Pictures)

by Felisberto Silva

Outdoor lighting is just as important – if not more important – than indoor lighting. Exterior lights are the first thing guests will see – whether it is the lights themselves or the lights illuminating the front of your house.

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How to Choose Lighting For Your Garage

by Henriette Rieu

Recently, Nick showed us how to use landscape lighting to create ambiance in the yard and also how to use path lighting to keep your walkways clear as well as lights on the house to keep your house secure.

To start, consider the architecture of your house. What is its style? Is it traditional? Modern? Does it have a lot of clean lines or is it more ornate? Does it have a lot of angular, square-type shapes or is it more circular, curved, and flowy?

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How To Use Landscape Lighting (Basics)

by Susan Burke

Landscape lighting is really the finishing touch to a beautiful yard and extending your living spaces. Outdoor areas can be considered rooms and sections of the home so why would you not be able to utilize them in the evening and be able to appreciate the space from inside your home.

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Best Outdoor Lighting for Homes Near the Ocean

by Roger Pontes

If you live near the Ocean, you would not want to buy just any type of outdoor lighting.

The salt air from the ocean can oxidize and destroy light fixtures made from cheaper materials such as aluminum or steel. Only certain outdoor lighting fixtures like solid brass or cast iron are recommended near the ocean.

Before we talk about brands and materials, make sure you wipe down your outdoor lighting fixtures periodically.

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Best LED Outdoor Lights (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Steve Sheinkopf

I have been looking for decent LED outside lights for probably 5 years. LED is certainly gaining acceptance inside your house, but it's even more practical outside your house.

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