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What's the Most Water Efficient Dishwasher? Top 5 Models Listed

by Eddie Jacob

The dishwasher has always been a household work horse. You expect a lot from that small appliance under your countertop.

With high-use, a calling for a balance in efficiency has become the standard.

We will look at the new washing methods, the most efficient brands and offer you tips on how to save more water.

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Most Efficient Clothes Washers (Uses Least Water)

by Danny Nguyen

We live in an age where we are very conscious about energy and water consumption. Energy and water bills can be expensive.

If you are in the market to replace your old laundry, there is plenty of information about general efficiency. There is not much about water usage out there.

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Topics: Front Load Washers, EnergyStar

Basic EnergyStar Refrigerators

by Steve Sheinkopf

I actually think Cash For Clunkers is a good idea. Old appliances use a ton of energy, especially refrigerators and washing machines.

For example, let's look at this basic 21 cubic foot $500 refrigerator.

Using average utility rates (then double it if you are in Massachusetts) your ten year old refrigerator will cost about $130-160 a year to run.

How about the EnergyStar...

$100 a year in savings...easily.

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The Annuity

by Steve Sheinkopf

As you know, we have a partnership with NStar and National Grid and are rebating EnergyStar refrigerators $169.

So this Frigidaire 17 cubic foot becomes $349 after your rebate...

With energy standards improving at 18 cents a kWH to run, you will save over $100 versus the same refrigerator purchased just 10 years ago, and over $200 savings over one purchased 20 years ago...

Not a bad deal for $349.

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Topics: Frigidaire, EnergyStar, Rebates

EnergyStar $169 Rebates

by Steve Sheinkopf

Quick review then a question:

Replacing a 10 year old refrigerator with an EnergyStar will save $100-110 per year...

Replacing a 20 year old refrigerator with an EnergyStar will save $200-250 per year...

Piece of advice: Your second refrigerator...remove it.

Now the question: What does the SubZero built in, GE french door, Frigidaire top mount and Bosch side by side have in common:

They all have $169 instant rebates as a joint venture between Yale, NSTAR and National Grid.

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Topics: Bosch, Frigidaire, EnergyStar, Sub-Zero, French Door Refrigerators, Energy Efficiency

Energystar Refrigerators

by Steve Sheinkopf

"They don't make them like they used to" is a common refrain. It is however, somewhat inaccurate especially in the appliance industry. Product has always been manufactured well with notable exceptions. The GE compressor recall in 1988 and The Maytag Neptune issues of 1996, but in general appliances last about 10-12 years.

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4 Ways to Improve EnergyStar

by Steve Sheinkopf

Channel 5 was in the store, and did an expose on EnergyStar(TV does add 10-15 pounds, have a look below). First I like EnergyStar. They have created awareness to saving money through lower energy costs:

Here is a plan for improvement in my opinion

1. Standards should be a moving target. Products should continue to improve efficiency to be called EnergyStar

2. Manufacturers should publish regional costs

3. The products should be tested at full operating power

4. No legacy products allowed. In other words, products should not be EnergyStar simply because they have improved over last year

Cut and paste...


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Topics: EnergyStar, LED Lighting, Energy Efficiency

EnergyStar Maytag

by Steve Sheinkopf

On March 1-March 30, 2009, this Maytag Epic machine will be $499 after $350 in rebates. This is not the long dead Neptune machine. Maytag laundry has been manufactured by Whirlpool for 3-4 years. As I have posted before in tough times, manufacturers will do almost anything to keep factories rolling.

This may be a good time to review the $100 difference this month between an EnergyStar Maytag front load versus a conventional top load.
Regular Estar
Water consumption Gallons 14,000 versus 5,009
Energy consumption kilowatt hours 374 versus 153
Spin RPMs 400 versus 1200
Capacity Cubic feet 2.6 versus 3.26

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by Steve Sheinkopf

They don't make them like they used to....so they say.

Thank heaven they don't...so I say.

Have a look at these refrigerators...They have one common feature.

These products are all EnergyStar compliant, and qualify for a $50 rebate. A new refrigerator will save $100 per year versus a product purchased 10 years ago.

Cool graphs and forms

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Topics: EnergyStar, Refrigerators, Energy Tip, Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Presentation

by Steve Sheinkopf

I was asked to do apresentation on Energy efficiency appliances last night. It never ceases to amaze me how much an appliance from just 10 years ago costs to operate versus today.

Anyway, the following is the powerpoint from last night.

A couple caveats:

First, I realize that noiseless dishwashers and glass top ranges are not new, but they are to people who have not replaced their products in 40 years.

Secondly: The Subzero has a yellow energy tag of 58 dollars to operate. The energy stickers are actually from 2001 on all the products. With 2008 electrical rates, it is about $120 and a 10 year old product would be about $240.

Third: This was a 15 minute presentation without discussing bulbs. I can drone on for hours if asked....

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