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Green Payback

by Steve Sheinkopf

By now most of you have figured, that I am somewhat passionate about lighting design, green technologies, induction, LED and in general spending money wisely for renovations.
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Topics: LED Lighting, Energy Tip, Energy Efficiency

Galley Green

by Steve Sheinkopf

We will be featuring respected local designers, builders and projects, which may help you in designing your own space....This is a good one.
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Topics: Bosch, LED Lighting, Energy Tip, Energy Efficiency

Climate Change

by Steve Sheinkopf

Pat tells me its Blog Action Day. Climate change is this years topic. The Yale Blog was inspired by a Canadien who said we could all clean up our world one corner at a time. Green was the most popular topic of the day with the Inconvenient Truth and other byproducts of an overheated world.

As I have spent 3 years researching and 2.5 blogging, we can effectively lower our power consumption and affect climate change at the same time. It really isn't hard, and yes you will pay more initially, but you will have an almost immediate payback.

Change a world, change a bulb:

In a previous post, I showed a whopping $100 savings per month by using LED bulbs. You probably are not going to spend that kind of dough, so buy compact fluorescents. 60% more efficiency, 10 times the life and 2/3 less heat than an incandescent. Buy it at 2700 degree Kelvins, so the light will be similar to an incandescent.

They don't make them like they used to....thank heavens.

Your 20 year old refrigerator in the basement is costing you $200-250 per year to operate. Your old top load washer has 50% less capacity and is costing between $100-150 a year more to operate than a front loader....These things aren't antiques and have increasing value.

Its simple. Conserve, but use better technology. We use less power, less electricity, less resources...better climate.

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Topics: LED Lighting, Energy Tip, Energy Efficiency

The ROI of Green

by Steve Sheinkopf

Peoplewill not buy Green products unless there is an immediate return on investment...especially now. Ironically, that was the topic of last nights presentation. LED, compact fluorescent, refrigerators, laundry and induction are covered.

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Topics: LED Lighting, Energy Tip, Energy Efficiency


by Steve Sheinkopf

We spend a ton of time explaining the vast difference between EnergyStar front load washers and the conventional top loaders. In the long term, the cost of operation of a top load is way too expensive...

Dryers are the same story just with different terminology. Couple of pointers on buying the right unit:

1. Dont worry about size. The smallest dryer is larger than the biggest washer.

2. Look for a moisture sensor: Moisture sensor will shut the heat when it senses a level of moisture in your clothes. Total win/win. Clothes are not shrunk and energy is not wasted.

3. Don't buy on cycles: It's just a timer anyway. Cycles are writing next to the knob. Total waste of your dough if you are buying a machine only on this basis.

For no extra charge, following are a few operating tips:

1. Do multiple loads at once...Dryer is already hot, and there is no energy wasted.

2. Clean the lint filter often...Dryer operates more efficiently.

3. If you do not feel like ironing (I actually like ironing), throw the wrinkled garment into the dryer on an air fluff cycle.

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Topics: Washers, Dryers, LED Lighting, Energy Tip

How To Light Your Space...Kitchens

by Steve Sheinkopf

Ok, now how do you light a kitchen?

This is a much hard question, because lighting is not direct replacement like appliances. There is so much more to proper illumination as well. First, there are 4 sources of illumination: Task, decorative, accent and ambient. I will cover task today, and the other three in separate posts.

Task is general illumination or backbone of any lighting plan and is most commonly track, recessed and under-cabinet lighting. I will provide the basic framework for a lighting plan. Ceiling height, angles, stud locations, etc. can alter the standard.

Basic recessed placement is 18 to 24 inches off the cabinet or at the edge of the counter. Place them 4-5 feet apart.

Couple of aesthetic tips: Use a 4-5 inch can rather than a 6 inch and for kitchens buy the white trim (industry term for decorative).

Second important part is the under-cabinet lighting. Typically an under-cabinet light is available in 7,16,24,30 and 37 inches. This type of task application will illuminate the shaded part of your counters and provide accent lighting as well.

Sample of one of our lighted kitchens....Don't worry in the next couple of weeks, you will be able to engineer your own lighting plan.

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Topics: Lighting, Recessed Lighting, Track Lighting, Energy Tip, etip

The Great Outside

by Steve Sheinkopf

Outside lighting...so many types, finishes and styles.

So how do you pick one? Take this easy test.

1. How much illumination do you need
2. What does your entrance look like
3. Do you have garage or other landscape lighting

A couple of tips: Hang the light roughly 66 to 68 inches from the ground. Typically, the front doorshould have the largest light (average size 17 tall by 8 inches wide.)

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Topics: Lighting, Energy Tip

Quick Question

by Steve Sheinkopf

As I am still in Miami and woefully unprepared for a post, the following is a quick question...

Which costs more to operate?

This 75 watt bulb

Or this 26 cubic foot refrigerator?

The bulb...in fact replacing a 10 year old refrigerator will save you $110 per year.

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Topics: Refrigerators, Energy Tip, Energy Efficiency


by Steve Sheinkopf

They don't make them like they used to....so they say.

Thank heaven they don't...so I say.

Have a look at these refrigerators...They have one common feature.

These products are all EnergyStar compliant, and qualify for a $50 rebate. A new refrigerator will save $100 per year versus a product purchased 10 years ago.

Cool graphs and forms

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Topics: EnergyStar, Refrigerators, Energy Tip, Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency...Part 9

by Steve Sheinkopf

Have a gander at this refrigerator...


The SubZero Pro 48 is the most expensive refrigerator to operate. But how expensive?


If you are reading this and have a 10 year old (family size) refrigerator, this beast is $75-100 cheaper to operate.

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Topics: Sub-Zero, Refrigerators, Energy Tip, Energy Efficiency

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