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Best Crystal Chandelier Lights for Your Foyer(Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Amy Zuckerman

When considering how to choose the best crystal light fixtures for your foyer entry area you have a little information to go over.

The questions you should ask when designing any area of your home are:

  • “what type of fixture will fit?
  • “what size should it be?
  • does it have to match all my other lights in the house?”
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New Swarovski Crystal Lighting Display

by Dagmar Hemp

We just installed the most spectacular new display of Swarovski lighting in our showroom:

Swarovski crystal is famously used by the top fashion houses around the world and is also considered the undisputed leader in precision cut crystal. The lighting line is loved for the avant garde and contemporary designs. Swarovski has owned Schonbek Crystal since 2008, but this is their first lighting introduction under their own name.

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Different Crystal Lighting Shapes?

by Felisberto Silva

As a newcomer on the scene of lighting, I’m constantly trying to develop new ways of remembering what finishes fixtures come in or various sizes available. One of the more challenging (albeit, fun) categories this applies to is crystals for the chandeliers we carry.

I remember one of my first days at Yale, a customer stopped in with his grandson and I spent time keeping the grandson entertained while his grandfather finished the sale with another sales consultant. I showed the grandson to our crystal chandelier aisle, and let him look through all the different shapes and colors of crystals. For a small child, he was incredibly smart and creative- he came up with names like, “necktie” and color titles such as “raspberry.” I found myself not only impressed, but wondering, What are those unusual-shaped crystals called?

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How To Buy a Crystal Chandelier (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Steve Sheinkopf

How Do You Buy a Crystal Chandelier?

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Schonbek and American Brass & Crystal Chandeliers (Reviews/Prices)

by Henriette Rieu

Last week, we talked about how to distinguish the different types of crystal and how much a crystal chandelier actually costs. Nobody, however, really knows brands, so we will compare two of the best: Schonbek and American Brass & Crystal.

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