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Most Reliable, Top Rated Appliance Brands/Manufacturers

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I read Consumer Reports for appliances. They rate reliablity based on surveys of 100,000 or so people. Last year, we wrote a post based on actual service calls. We performed almost 8,000 calls on different brands, so there is enough data.

From March 1, 2012 to March 1, 2013, we calculated all sales and divided by the amount of service call. Then we compared the percentages. This is raw data. We did not distinguish the problems or their severity. If we were on a call, then it counted against that manufacturer. It is probably a tougher measurement, but it's fair.

Top Rated, Most Reliable Appliance Brands

whirlpool logo 175px

7. Whirlpool

1,025 Products Sold, 173 Repairs - 16.9%

This is not surprising. Whirlpool manufactures consistently good products from the same factories in the US. When you have been manufacturing similar products for 100 or so years, then you are bound to have some competence.

frigidaire logo 175px

6. Frigidaire

5,843 Products sold, 889 Repairs - 15.2%

I really like this brand. Electrolux had the foresight to modernize the plants in the early 1990s, and it produced dividends in terms of quality. They should recently have followed the same model for their own brand, but that's another story.

miele logo 175px

5. Miele

789 Products sold, 93 Repairs - 11.8%

Part of me thought Miele would be better than 11%, but that's way better than any other manufacturer (Gaggenau is better but we don't sell it as much).

zephyr logo 175px

4. Zephyr

322 Products sold, 23 Repairs - 7.1%

Hoods should be pretty good as they move air and smoke....in other words a hood moves a weightless item in a similar direction. Some hood manufacturers are over 50% service, so nothing is a given.

sharp logo 175px

3. Sharp

429 Products Sold, 20 Repairs - 4.7%

I said this last time. Sharp manufactures really one product. Microwaves have only a few working parts, so there should be very little to actually break.

Yale Appliance Logo

2. Yale Hoods

764 Products sold, 16 Repairs - 2.1%

These hoods are newer and designed better. As I said with Zephyr, there is not much that can actually fail in a hood (thank heaven).

weber logo 175px

1. Weber

288 Products sold, 3 Repairs - 1%

I am torn about this. We only use our grills 4 months of the year, but most of us leave the grill outside the other 8. Still Weber is pretty impressive.

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