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Bosch vs Viking D3 Dishwashers (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

The most popular upscale dishwashers sold in the USA are KitchenAid or Bosch. Viking introduced their wildly successful D3 line and has been selling dishwashers ever since. Does it deserve mention with Bosch, arguably the best selling premium dishwasher in the industry?

Viking D3 vs Bosch Dishwashers

Why would you choose one dishwasher over the other? They are both excellent machines, with a few distinctive features. Viking is still considered a powerhouse in high-end cooking appliances, but many people may not be aware that they have been producing dishwashers for the past 20 years. Bosch on the other hand, has been producing high quality dishwashers since 1964 and has become one of the staple brands in the dishwasher industry. Each year, they hold at least one of the top 5 rated pieces in various consumer rating publications. Let’s explore the key differences between these 2 brands.

Viking D3

Viking D3 dishwashers are the new models for their Designer series product line produced since 2000. It was originally brought to market to offer a professional brand product at a lower cost, without sacrificing performance. They offer one dishwasher in this series. It features quiet performance at 46 db, has 4 different wash cycles, stainless steel wash arms which help maintain a more constant temperature of the water, heavy duty nylon racks, and a 5-stage water filtration system. The key feature is their 3-year warranty. They also have a decent package with the other D3 appliances.


Bosch offers a variety of models, ranging from their entry level Ascenta series pieces, to their ultra quiet 800 series models. When the price increases through the lines, more features are added including more wash cycles, different or additional racking systems, and above all quietness. Their top models are rated at only 40 db, which most people will not even hear while the dishwasher is operating. Pricing begins around $600 and can go as high as around $1,900. Each one of their models offer superior cleaning, quiet performance, and are available in models with an exposed control panel, integrated hidden control panel, as well as cabinet panel ready.

Both products are manufactured in the US, Viking is in Greenwood, Mississippi while Bosch's North Carolina facility is the largest in the world.

viking d3 dishwasher RDDB301SS 2013 bosch dishwasher SHX8ER55UC 2013 bosch dishwasher SHX55RL5UC 2013 bosch dishwasher SHE43RL5UC 2013

Viking D3 RDDB301SS

Bosch SHX8ER55UC

Bosch SHX55RL5UC

Bosch SHE43RL5UC 

  • Viking D3 RDDB301SS: 15 place settings, 4 wash cycles, approx. 46 db, 3-yr warranty, $1,429.00
  • Bosch SHX8ER55UC: 15 place settings, 6, wash cycles, 40 db, 1-yr warranty, $1,449.00
  • Bosch SHX55RL5UC: 14 place settings, 4 wash cycles, 46 db, 1-yr warranty, $899 after rebates
  • Bosch SHE43RL5UC: 14 place settings, 4 wash cycles, 48 db, 1-yr warranty, $699 after rebates 

If you look at the models I have selected, you will see that each one of the Bosch models has an equal or greater amount of washing cycles and quietness compared to the Viking D3. The only real benefit to the Viking D3 is their warranty at three years. I see D3 only being purchased during a complete kitchen package, so all handles match, not as a single replacement piece.

As Viking is really a stove company, Bosch is really a dishwasher company with over 40 different models at every price. That being said, in my eyes, Bosch is the better choice, offering the style and performance at way better prices.

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