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How To Buy a Crystal Chandelier (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

How Do You Buy a Crystal Chandelier?

Crystal chandeliers have staged a huge comeback in recent years. You can place a crystal seemingly anywhere from kitchens, hallways and even bathrooms (which has actually become popular).

There are so many different styles to choose with so many different design elements. Have a look as we have 150 or so on display..

crystal chandelier display yale

Questions to consider

Do you want the chandelier with arms or without?

crystal chandelier with arms   crystal chandelier no arms

Crystal chandelier with arms


Crystal chandelier without arms

Do you want the chandelier to have a glass arms or cast brass?

glass arm crystal chandelier        cast brass crystal chandelier

Glass arm crystal chandelier


Cast brass crystal chandelier

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, what type of crystal? There are three types:

  • Legacy Crystal - Legacy comes from the traditional glass-making region around Venice. Modestly priced compared to cut crystal, this Venetian crystal is molded and fire-polished to produce a subtle luminosity.
  • Heritage Handcut crystal - Heritage crystal is cut by hand in two stages, first on an iron and then a sandstone wheel. Each crystal is then polished on a wood wheel with marble dust. HERITAGE HANDCUT® crystal is the most authentic, handcrafted crystal in the world.
  • Swarovski Elements - Swarovski Elements is the premium brand for the finest colored crystal elements manufactured by Swarovski.
  • Strauss-  The best crystal due to its high lead content.  Strauss is machine cut for perfection and has the most eye catching sparkle.  It is also the most expensive

They all have different effects and different prices.

Watch this video...

Prices of Crystal Chandeliers

A chandelier with Legacy crystal will cost roughly $500-$1,000, $1,000-$2,000 with Heritage crystal and starting at $2,000 for a Swarovski crystal chandelier.

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