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Induction Cooking vs Professional Gas Ranges (Ratings/Reviews)

Quick Sunday Post...Revamped September 2012

Induction cooking uses magnetic frictions that bounce from under the cook top surface to cookware placed on it. The magnetic construction of the cookware becomes part of the electrical circuit, gathers energy and becomes hot.

Professonal gas refers to a restuarant style cooking poduct with high output or BTU.  For years, professional gas has been considered to be the best fuel source for the ability to boil faster and simmer instantaneously.

Except induction is better.  It is more effcient at 90% versus 60% for gas and 55% for regular electric cooking, so it is faster than the fastest gas top.  Heat also isnt emitted with induction like gas so the kitchen stays cooler with much less need for an expensive hood or ventilation system

Lastly, induction is the most child safe, because it cannot be activated without sensing metal.  Also, the pan does the cooking so the top cools much faster

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I am a big induction fan. It is quite simply the best technology. You are probably sick of these posts. However, I was at the Home Show on Saturday and was watching Christina, the Viking staff chef, cook. In the Viking kitchen there is both pro gas and induction. Look at what she chose to use.

Now here is why:


  • Faster than gas at 90% efficiency
  • Instant simmer
  • Less residual heat = less venting
  • More child safe
  • Less expensive to buy than a Pro

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