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The Yale Appliance Outlet - Scratch and Dent Rant

We will be in 65-110 homes today delivering an average of 2.2 pieces in the toughest US city for logistics.  There is always a non-fitting appliance.

Thus our outlet was born:

yale outlet yale outlet

yale outlet

But should you buy scratch, dent or returned appliances? That depends on the problem and the company.  Discounted display pieces are a given, but damages and used products could be possible issues.

How To:

1. Check the company thoroughly.  BBB, social media sites like Yelp or Google Place are good resources.

2. Warranty.  Its an interesting dilemma.  Even if they offer a warranty, do they have their own service department or outsource?

3. Call me paranoid, but all communication should be in writing.  You will have no legal recourse without stated guarantees in writing.

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