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Best Bedroom Air Conditioners (Prices/Reviews/Ratings)

So we have a heat wave this week. Air conditioners are the one product where supply does not ever meet demand. Even in a prolonged heat wave, factories will not manufacture more units.

All the air conditioners are made in the winter and sold to stores in the spring. There is only one manufacturing run, and that’s it. They don’t even care about global warming.

In a hot summer, there are always shortages, so consider buying one now if needed.

We'll be profiling the best home air conditioner, Friedrich. Most manufacturers like Carrier, Amana, Sharp and Panasonic have exited the window air conditioner business.

The Best Air Conditioners for Bedrooms

(updated for 2016)

Friedrich began as a refrigeration manufacturer in 1883 and by 1950 had become one of the largest commercial refrigeration companies in the world. They began selling window air conditioners in 1952, and are now known as a leader in both residential and commercial air conditioning.

Choosing a Bedroom Air Conditioner


An important factor in choosing an air conditioner is to consider its Energy Efficiency Ratio. A room air conditioner's efficiency is measured by the Energy Efficiency Ratio.

The EER is the ratio of the cooling capacity (in British thermal units [BTU] per hour) to the power input (in watts). The best units have typically had the highest EER's.


Air conditioning is based roughly on square footage of the room.

The following factors can affect the sizing...

Sunny exposures, tall ceilings, appliances (they can give off heat), people (500 BTU per person), 3rd floor (heat rises), windows...all these factors should increase the size of your air conditioner.

You also have to remember to NOT overcool your space. Throwing in a 10,000 BTU in a tiny room will actually freeze the unit, not allowing the AC to dehumidify.

That being said, your bedroom is typically the coolest room, because you are there at night, the coolest time of day. The majority of the air conditioners are sold at 5,000-6,000 BTU.

Comparing Bedroom Air Conditioners

Friedrich has two different series of smaller window units, the CP (Chill) and Kuhl series. The CP models are closest to the commodity models, are all Energy Star rated, and will be a bit more expensive. Some of the benefits are increased efficiency and they will run quieter.

The Friedrich Kuhl series are a bit higher end, will be even quieter and more efficient, and can even be customized with face plates in a variety of colors, silver being the standard color. Some can even be controlled by your smart phone with a Wi-Fi adapter.


Friedrich Chill Models


Friedrich Kuhl Models



5,000 BTU CP05G10B - $289.99 N/A
6,000 BTU CP06G10B - $329.99 SQ06N10C - $649.99
8,000 BTU CP08G10B - $429.99 SQ08N10D - $699.99 
10,000 BTU CP10G10B - $499.99 SS10N10C - $1,019.99
12,000 BTU CP12G10B - $589.99 SS12N10C - $1,049

Friedrich is currently offering a $30 mail in rebate.

The Chill will be a good value, efficient and reliable, good for any area from a kitchen, living room, or bedroom. Kuhl is a bit quieter and has more technical products than the Chill series. Either of these lines will be a good choice.

Additional Resources

Download the Yale Air Conditioner Buyers Guide for features, specs and tips to buying the right air conditioner. Over 95,000 people have read a Yale Guide.

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