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Nicole Parmenter

Nicole Parmenter is our resident Chef at Yale Appliance + Lighting; she has multiple culinary degrees and is an appliance expert. Chef Nicole can teach you how to use your new appliances and give you tips, recipes and honest opinions on products.

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Recent Posts

Best Professional Range Grills (Reviews/Ratings)

by Nicole Parmenter

It is now winter (or could be when you read this). Do you brave cooking on your outdoor grill or should you consider a pro range with a grill in your kitchen renovation? We will look at the major brands, their strengths and weaknesses so you can assess whether it is worth buying an indoor grill or braving the cold.

First we need to discuss hoods and ventilation.

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Topics: Professional Ranges

Pomegranate Pork Kebabs with Bulgur Jewel Salad on a Lynx Grill

by Nicole Parmenter

Sunday is recipe day. Today we are grilling again with Lynx. Nicole used the Pro Sear to char the meat at a low temperature. Although almost every decent grill has a sear, only Lynx is variable down to 100-200 degrees. Low temps are better for fruits, veggies and other less dense foods.

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Topics: Cooking

5 Tips to Grilling The perfect Burger With Lynx

by Nicole Parmenter

A little July 4th extra before you head out to the grill. Want to cook a burger this bodacious?

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Corn, Tomato Salad with Garlic Croutons on a Broil King Grill

by Nicole Parmenter

This will be the fifth recipe on Sunday. You may have noticed the majority have been grill recipes.

In December, that will not be the case. We now have over 90 recipes from area chefs in our Recipe Center.

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Wolf Induction Cooktop and Wall Oven Recipes

by Nicole Parmenter

About three years ago, a number of manufacturers started to market more intuitive products. You may have seen the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator with cameras inside. There is laundry with Wi-Fi (for some reason) and a wide variety of products designed to make life easier.

However, wall ovens and induction cooktops top the list of products to consider. Induction is more powerful than any high BTU professional cooktop. It also simmers better, we will show you in this recipe.

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Topics: Induction Cooktops, Wolf, Wall Ovens

New Jenn-Air Wi-Fi Wall Oven Review

by Nicole Parmenter

Editor's Note: Nicole is our company chef. Her job is to test products and communicate with you. If you want to learn about steam, speed, induction or convection cooking, sign up for one her classes. She is a graduate of Johnson & Wales University and is a specialist in gluten free and vegetarian cooking.

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Topics: Jenn-Air, New Products, Wall Ovens

Differences Between Single, Twin, European and VertiCross Convection Ovens

by Nicole Parmenter

If you’ve started considering a new oven purchase, chances are you will be faced with a choice to make; whether to go with a thermal oven or convection oven.

Thermal ovens offer the standard oven modes like bake, broil, and roast.

Convection is fan forced heat. However you have brands with fan assist, True or European convection and dual convection. Now, Wolf has invented the VertiCross convection employing blowers instead of fans.

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Topics: Wall Ovens, Convection

Thermador Intermittent Simmer vs. Wolf Dual Stack for Simmer (Reviews/Ratings)

by Nicole Parmenter

Picture this, you’re the gourmet cook in your house. Lately, you just can’t seem to achieve that ultra-low temperature to hold your béarnaise sauce, melting chocolate is becoming more difficult and simmering grandma’s beloved gravy is a painstaking feat because as soon as you turn your back the bottom scorches.

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Topics: Wolf, Thermador, Professional Ranges

Best Convection Wall Ovens (Reviews/Ratings)

by Nicole Parmenter

In the market for a new wall oven? By now, if you’ve done your research, I bet you’ve seen countless articles peppered with the word “convection.”

As if shopping for an oven or range weren’t difficult enough (lots of bells and whistles to consider), now most wall ovens and ranges are equipped with very different convection systems.

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Topics: Convection

Review of the Miele ContourLine M Touch Combi-Steam Oven

by Nicole Parmenter

Editor's Note: This is a post from our in-house Chef, Nicole. These articles are designed for greater insight on how specialized appliances work. You will know how to use them and their capabilities after reading her work.

Why did we hire a chef?

Well, I could say it was because products have become more complicated, but it was from a more personal experience. We had a builder event for our Framingham Grand Opening, and I was explaining the new Miele steam range. There is a bread menu, and I scrolled to the Jalepeno Cheese bread.

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Topics: Miele, Steam Ovens, Wall Ovens

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