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John Ramsay V

John Ramsay V has been in major kitchen appliance sales for over 17 years. John enjoys Theology, politics and sometimes gets into trouble because of it!

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Bosch Benchmark vs. Miele Slide-In Induction Ranges (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by John Ramsay V

This comparison could not have existed two weeks ago as both products are brand new.

Miele and both are incredibly different in many ways. Miele is family owned, and Bosch Benchmark is part of the giant German Bosch company. They both also offer different value propositions in terms of price, style, features and reliability.

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Topics: Miele, Induction Ranges, Bosch Benchmark

Gaggenau vs. Viking vs. Thermador 36 Inch Gas Cooktops (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by John Ramsay V

With the rise of technology, kitchens have become more than just food preparation and preservation. You are looking for speed, efficiency, safety, as well as the design of kitchen appliances.

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Topics: Thermador, Gas Cooktops, Viking, Gaggenau

Dacor vs. Viking Appliances (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by John Ramsay V

We recently stopped carrying Viking as of May 2014. Technically, they pulled the line from us after a 85% drop in sales. I couldn’t sell it, because the line has service issues.

With 21 service techs on the road, feedback is immediate at Yale. I hope new owner Middleby can turn it around, but that can not happen any time soon.

Interestingly enough, we are now carrying Dacor, so I thought it would be interesting comparing the two.

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Topics: Viking, Dacor

New Jenn-Air Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

by John Ramsay V

A counter depth refrigerator does not protrude from the cabinets. It is more aesthetically pleasing because you won't see the sides. It is also a benefit to have a shallower refrigerator in a galley kitchen or in a kitchen with an island design. There will be more room between the refrigerator and the island itself.

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Topics: Jenn-Air, Counter Depth Refrigerators, French Door Refrigerators

U-Line vs. Sub-Zero Clear Ice Makers (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by John Ramsay V

Clear ice makers spray the water through a sheet of metal so the impurities and air bubbles are drained and removed from the water resulting in higher quality clear ice. Clear ice takes longer to melt and does not change the flavor of the drink. Regular ice makers simply freeze tap water impurities, just like an ice maker in a refrigerator.

U-Line and Sub-Zero are both premier and highly popular undercounter ice makers. We will compare both and even look at the differences between clear and regular ice makers.

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Topics: Sub-Zero, Ice Makers, U-Line

Gaggenau vs Miele 36 Inch Gas Cooktops (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by John Ramsay V

Miele and Gaggenau are two of the premium brands in the appliance world. They are more expensive with very high quality and good reliability. In fact, both companies are among the least repaired brands we sell. Both at one time manufactured bicycles as a core part of their business. They are also very old companies. Miele started in the late 19th century and Gaggenau actually traces their roots to 1683.

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Topics: Miele, Gas Cooktops, Gaggenau

Jenn-Air vs GE Cafe Cabinet Depth French Door Refrigerators (Reviews/Ratings)

by John Ramsay V

Cabinet depth refrigerators fit into standard 24 inch deep cabinets with only the doors protruding. A regular counter depth has the custom look of other built in refrigerator at a fraction of the price.

Both are the cornerstone of decent yet affordable packages.

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Topics: Jenn-Air, Counter Depth Refrigerators, GE Cafe, French Door Refrigerators

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